Focusing on Safe Systems of Work, our professional engineers protect your people and your assets by ensuring your engineering activities are carried out safely.

Through our own in-house team of professional engineers, we can deliver an independent service to analyse all elements of your engineering processes in order to implement, monitor and audit a safe system of work. Our professional engineers come from engineering rather than a pure health and safety background and so better understand the complexities of engineering in order to recommend and implement solutions to your safe system of work challenges.


Authorising Engineer Services

Our core business is operating a safe system of work for high risk activities on your site.
Before implementing a safe system of work we always recommend making use of our engineering consultancy service to ascertain if a full safe system of work is required or if an alternative, simpler solution can be implemented.

In cases where the hazards cannot be physically eliminated and an element of risk remains, a requirement for a safe system of work is decided. We can fully implement, monitor and audit such a system to comply with Health and Safety Executive, Department of Health or Ministry of Defence requirements. Alternatively we can design and implement a bespoke system suitable for your company’s operations or monitor and audit a system you already have in place.

Our Authorising Engineers have specialist knowledge of most types of installations encountered in healthcare, military of commercial premises including:
• Ventilation systems
• Mechanical, including boilers and pressure systems
• Medical piped gas systems, including dental air and vacuum systems
• Petroleum, including bulk fuel and kerbside installations
• HV and LV distribution systems
• Lifts
• Hot and cold water systems
• Confined spaces
• Working at height

The Authorising Engineers team acts independently from your organisation when making recommendations regarding suitability in terms of competence, skills and training for the appointment of Competent Persons, monitoring the performance of the service and providing an annual audit. Our reports include reviews of the actions recommended in audits and updating you on new guidance and statutory requirements.

Our Authorising Engineers are delivering services across the UK and Ireland, predominantly for NHS trusts and also the Houses of Parliament, and are able to advise on any aspect of their discipline and draw on a wealth of experience gained over many years in a variety of roles performed in countries around the world.


Engineering Consultancy

We provide qualified engineers to analyse and recommend engineering solutions to your safe systems of work problems.

As per Health and Safety Executive’s advice, removing the hazard and/or risk should be the first course of action when contemplating a high risk activity, rather than going straight to operating a safe system of work controlled by a permit to work.

Our Authorising Engineers are experienced engineering practitioners, not purely health and safety advisors, so we analyse your engineering processes to devise engineering or management solutions that will allow you to carry out your activities without resorting to a formal safe system of work.

To find out more about our Professional Engineering services contact our head office on 01992 507320 or email us at

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