Growing Young Talents

October 26th, 2016

At Team Q, we invest in our staff and help their career development, which involves regular training and skills development. We also believe in growing young talents within the company and providing young people with means to gain new skills.

We have recently hired two entry level Administrators who will join our Client Services and Administration teams, as well as two apprentices joining our M&E teams – one becoming part of one of our M&E resident teams and the other, the M&E Projects team.

An apprenticeship is a great option for young people and school leavers to learn job-specific skills, gain experience and progress at work quicker; however, it can be also beneficial to the company. According to the studies, a growing number of companies are now hiring apprentices with 96 per cent of these business reporting benefits from doing so.

Some companies may be concerned that hiring apprentices can affect productivity; however, statistics show 76 per cent of companies say that apprentices provide a higher level of productivity, while 81 per cent say that they help boost the productivity of the whole company.

There is also a growing issue of several sectors suffering with a shortage of people with the right skills for certain jobs. By adopting a bespoke approach, firms can give their staff the skills they need to succeed.

Studies also show that apprentices provide a good return on investment, with most paying for themselves within two to four years, depending on the level of apprenticeship undertaken. Approximately 59 per cent of employers say it is more cost effective to train apprentices than hire skilled staff and, the added benefit being, that their skills can be tailored to your company as they train.

Providing apprenticeship is certainly a mutually beneficial process. If you wish to find out more about employing an apprentice at your company, visit the GOV.UK website for advice and support.